Creating a Remarkable Year

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Graphic about creating a remarkable new year.

I cannot believe 2014 is in its waning days. The year flashed by leaving memories and experiences in its wake. For some it was a wonderful year filled with joy, celebration, and growth. While for others it was a defining year marked by change, unpredicted events, and opportunities. For many of us it was both. What did this year leave you? What will you bring to 2015?

In 2014 I was reminded about what really matters – family. That to lead with grace I must not forget to laugh more, be mindful, and continue to grow smarter. 2014 showed me that kindness matters; not the soft, easy form of kindness but the rich and full kindness that is not afraid to hold those important to me accountable. Me included. And, most importantly, this year showed me that I have much still to learn. Thank goodness. I could not imagine being happy without growth and learning. What did you learn this past year that you will bring into 2015? Taking a moment to answer that question can be the beginning of a productive and remarkable year.

My remarkable 2015 begins with taking my lessons learned and applying them to my everyday actions. It will be my habits that define me and this next year. Did you know that according to less that 8% of us will be successful in achieving our new year’s resolutions? Maybe it’s because we don’t make it real and personal to us. Make time to learn from the past and understand our why. Once we’ve done that then we can focus on the change of habit. Let us not forget that it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a new habit. On average it can take more than two months before a new behavior becomes automatic. That sounds like a long time but a few months of transition to create a remarkable year – so worth it!

Over the years I’ve found that sharing my goals keeps me honest. My 2015 habits will be:

  1. Making time to say or do one kind thing each day.
  2. Reading 30 minutes a day from a book written to increase my knowledge of leadership, business, or being a better person.
  3. Practicing mindful health everyday by moving for at least 45 minutes and saying no to myself once a day when presented with a food that will not improve my health.

What will your habits be? If you want a remarkable 2015 don’t wait for it to happen. Find and practice those habits that will create a remarkable and productive year for you.   If you’re willing, please share your goals with me on my twitter account at  so I can learn from you. I can’t wait to see all that this New Year has to teach me!






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