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14 Misconceptions about Plumbers

Apr 15, 2014

What stereotypes come to mind when you think of plumbers? Mr. Rooter® is not like other companies in the industry. That’s why we’re here to iron out 14 of the most common misconceptions about plumbers.

  1. Plumbers make a mess. At Mr. Rooter, this simply isn’t true. We go to such painstaking lengths to respect your home that we actually leave it cleaner than when we found it. For instance, our plumbers are careful to park in the street to keep your driveway clear and they never walk on the grass. They even wipe their feet on their own door mat and wear shoe covers to prevent tracking anything inside.
  2. Plumbers are not professionals. Perhaps images of smelly, rude, plaid shirt-wearing men are what come to mind when you think of plumbers. Mr. Rooter plumbers couldn’t be further from this description. They are clean, polite and wear a professional uniform. You’ve never seen a more professional group of servicemen than Mr. Rooter plumbers.
  3. Plumbers charge hefty overtime fees. Have a plumbing emergency? Better wait until regular hours to avoid overtime fees, right? Actually, Mr. Rooter doesn’t charge overtime fees for after-hour, holiday or weekend emergencies.
  4. Plumbers take their sweet time getting to the residence. We have plumbers on call 24/7 to respond to emergencies in a timely fashion.
  5. Plumbers make up the price as they go along. Our plumbers draw from years of training and experience to produce an accurate estimate before they start on the job. They explain exactly what steps are required for the repair or replacement and how much it will cost so you can decide if you want to go through with it. You’ll always get the price up front, before any work begins.
  6. Plumbers do the work and stick the customer with the bill. Our plumbers keep you informed of any additional problems they find with the plumbing or hiccups that may arise during the repair so you’re not left with any unpleasant surprises on the bill.
  7. Plumbers tack on hidden fees. We have clear, upfront pricing and always keep you in the know regarding your plumbing bill. Our plumbers are honest and never overcharge for parts or labor.
  8. Plumbers take their sweet time so they can charge more. Our plumbers arrive promptly and get right to work. They complete the job with the perfect combination of speed and accuracy so the work is completed quickly with no callbacks required.
  9. Plumbers use industry jargon and make the customer feel stupid. Our plumbers want you to understand their process and explain things in layman’s terms to prevent confusion.
  10. Plumbers make far-fetched promises. At Mr. Rooter, we only hire the most professional, experienced plumbers, but even they can’t always work miracles. Our plumbers try their hardest, but they never make a claim unless they can accomplish it.
  11. Plumbers think they know better than the customer. On the contrary, our plumbers know how important it is to ask clarifying questions if they don’t understand the problem. They respect your input and understand that you may have been living with the problem for some time now and therefore understand it well.
  12. Plumbers are loudmouths. If you’ve ever worked with Mr. Rooter plumbers, you know they speak respectfully and calmly without sarcasm or profanity. They never say anything behind your back that they wouldn’t be willing to say to your face.
  13. Plumbers often arrive without the right equipment. While it’s true that replacement parts may take time to arrive, every dispatched Mr. Rooter van is equipped to handle any repair, large or small. From indoor faucet leaks to tree roots in your sewer pipes, our plumbers can handle it all. Well-equipped vans prevent trips back and forth and let the job commence without delay.
  14. Plumbers are rude. At Mr. Rooter, courtesy is one of the most important tools we carry. Our plumbers treat you with the respect and chivalry you deserve.

We recognize that exceptional plumbing is about more than clearing the drain clog or fixing the garbage disposal; it’s about assuring that you hired the right company from the moment a Mr. Rooter plumber enters your home. Contact us today to work with a different kind of plumber.

Key Steps to Clean Water and World Health

Apr 7, 2014

Monday, April 7th, marks a day to not only commemorate the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO), but to raise awareness of the ongoing health concerns plaguing humanity today through World Health Day. Each year a new awareness theme is created to focus attention on public health concerns and encourage families to take action

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How a Mr. Uses Courtesy to Combat Hate

Apr 3, 2014

Mr. Rooter® Plumbing prides itself on being courteous – we must, as it’s the basis of our slogan! While we make sure to take steps to ensure we provide quality service we also are mindful of the importance of respecting your home. While we park on the street, use mats we bring ourselves, and wear

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Rescue your Phone from the Dreaded Drop in the Toilet

Apr 2, 2014

It’s a mistake we all fear. Phone case companies make a fortune off of this fear, or even worse — off of us learning our lesson after living through the experience. Of course, we mean dropping your phone in the toilet! Mr. Rooter plumbers help people deal with stressful toilet situations all the time, but

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How Mr. Rooter Saved the World

Mar 29, 2014

In honor of the Season 4 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Mr. Rooter® wants you to know we are doing our part to save the world from apocalyptic disasters throughout history. Until the 18th Century, Europeans used chamber pots for bodily waste and dumped the contents into the street where it mixed with horse

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World Water Day

Mar 20, 2014

March 22, 2014, is recognized as World Water Day, a day to focus attention on the importance of fresh water and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources all over the world. This year, there’s a secondary focus on energy sustainability, since both water and energy are absolute necessities in improving worldwide health conditions,

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Mr. Rooter Celebrates Polite Day

Mar 20, 2014

The D.C. Council recognizes March 20 as Polite Day; a citywide pledge to step out of one’s daily routine and take time to be kind to one another. Here at Mr. Rooter, we constantly strive to deliver the highest level of customer service and politeness in all we do. We ensure courteous and professional service

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5 Movie Characters ALMOST as Courteous as Mr. Rooter

Mar 18, 2014

It’s a false notion to believe that a plumbing job begins when wrench meets pipe. Even before we knock on your door, as Mr. Rooter® plumbers we are careful to park our truck in a courteous manner that won’t disrupt you or your neighbors. This habit sets the stage for a courteous plumbing experience. You may

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Fix a Leak Week

Mar 17, 2014

A Trillion Gallons Wasted: Mr. Rooter and EPA Combat Common Household Leaks With the weather across America reaching record lows this winter, your plumbing may be weeping – and not tears of joy. The harsh winter has caused thousands of homes to experience busted and leaking pipes, causing major damage. Besides damage from the freezing

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World Plumbing Day

Mar 11, 2014

  At Mr. Rooter® Plumbing, we spend thousands of hours every week helping people fix water-related plumbing issues within their homes and businesses. It’s easy to forget that some people don’t have access to freshwater at all. This month, in recognition of World Plumbing Day, celebrate that little raindrop and the journey it made to

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