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Farts and Crafts: Toilet Paper Roll Pinball Game

Aug 18, 2014

Written by Lance Hayes

Graphic with title "Farts and Crafts TP Edition Toilet paper pinball machine"

Are you looking for the perfect arts and crafts to entertain the kids? Try making this pinball machine instead of spending lots of quarters at the arcade! With a few items from around the house, you can entertain the kids for hours with a cardboard pinball machine. It is an easy project for 5-9 year olds with supervision

Supplies Needed:

  • Large shoe box lid
  • Three toilet paper rolls
  • Pen with a spring
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Marble (or something similar)

Pinball 2

  1. Paint the shoe box and the toilet paper rolls in the color of your choice. Let the materials dry for about an hour. While it is drying, enjoy a summer snack!
    Pinball 3
  2. (This next part is where parental supervision may be necessary.) Dismantle the pen to remove the ink cartridge and spring. Use the pen to mark a small hole on the lower corner of the box lip and poke through the box with the pen or a pair of scissors. The hole needs to be less than half an inch from the bottom to strike the marble properly.
    Pinball 4
  3. Next, cut the toilet paper rolls into half-moon shapes and glue them to the board. These will be used for scoring! Glue one whole toilet paper roll to the back of the shoebox to elevate the game board. After the glue is dry, draw the points system on the board and decorate the rest of the board.
    Pinball 5
  4. Finally, create the marble launcher by applying glue to a few half-moons cut in half and curved, as shown. After the glue dries for an hour, slide it back into the hole you made and glue a little launching shoot to the shoebox made out of another toilet paper roll.
    Pinball 6 Pinball 1

Your game is now ready to play! While playing, tilt the board to make the game more difficult. The player with the highest score wins!

The Dwyer Group, Inc. Acquired by The Riverside Company

Aug 18, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information, contact: Monica Feid, BizCom Associates (972) 490-8053, MonicaFeid@BizComPR.com WACO, Texas (August 18, 2014) – The Dwyer Group®, Inc., one of the world’s largest franchising companies of trades service brands, today announced it has been acquired for the second time by The Riverside Company, a private equity fund with locations

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UNICEF Vends Dirty Water To Raise Awareness

Aug 14, 2014

You have access to clean drinking water every day, but it’s a far different story in developing countries around the world. What if someone bottled the dirty, disease-ridden water that kills 4,200 children every day and tried to sell it on the streets of New York? That’s just what the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

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Farts and Crafts: Toilet Paper Roll Cow

Aug 8, 2014

Looking for the perfect craft to do with your kids on any afternoon? Why not try making a cow out of a toilet paper roll?! The overall project takes about 45 minutes and is fairly simple. It’s a great craft recommended for 4-6 year olds, but anyone can enjoy making this creative cow using just

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How to Choose a Plumber

Aug 5, 2014

You wake up in a hurry and look at the clock- 6:43 a.m. You were supposed to be up almost an hour ago. No more late night movies for you and the kids. Racing out of bed, you throw on some clothes, putting on some make up and pulling your hair out of your face

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Summer Water Conservation

Aug 1, 2014

In continuation from our previous blog on water conservation, we have more water (and money) saving tips for this summer. This post focuses on what you can do in the bathroom to conserve water and cut down those costs. Each of these is an easy fix and will help you save! In reference to our

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The Dirty Truth About Tech Germs

Jul 31, 2014

Infographic courtesy of Mashable No matter how hard you try to avoid germs, they will always be around you.  Unfortunately, some germs might be closer to you than you would like them to be. According to Keeping it Kleen and Mashable, 16 percent of cell phones have poop on them! Such an alarming statistic gives

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Tips For Courtesy In The Digital Age

Jul 30, 2014

In an era of debate and disagreement on a wide variety of social and political topics, here’s something we can all agree on: our courtesy in the digital age could use an overhaul. Today’s digital lifestyle sets up friends, family members and perfect strangers to annoy the heck out of each other. If you agree

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Home Water Conservation Audit

Jul 23, 2014

Are you conserving water as well you should? Unless there’s a drought in your area, you may not think water conservation is all that important. On the contrary, not only is conserving water good for the environment – regardless of your area’s recent rainfall – you can also save money every month by changing a

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10 Signs You Should Invest in Water Conservation

Jul 18, 2014

Do you unknowingly waste water with your daily habits? If so, you’re losing money. What’s more, you’re creating more work for your local water treatment plant.  Any hot water you waste is also a waste of the energy used to heat that water. If you’re looking to save money on your bills at home, water

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